Get 3 Days of ONE-ON-ONE Training & Coaching on the Art and Science of Natural Beaded Rows™ with the Creator of NBR™ Herself, Danielle K. White.
  This Shadowing Experience is Naturally EXTREMELY Limited, and the 20 Available Spots In 2019 Will Sell Out FAST! 
So Do Not Hesitate... Apply TODAY While This Rare Opportunity Is Still Available...
Hi, I am Danielle K. White, creator of the Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extension Method and founder of DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach, CA. 

When I first started offering NBR™ Education I offered a one-day shadowing program.

But as the demand to learn the NBR Method increased, and my education programs began to evolve, I began running small intensive classes instead.

Today, the demand to learn NBR and the BMS Mindset & Business Strategies is so high that ALL BMS Classes are filled up MONTHS in advance...

...and the next BMS Convention with more than 300 stylists in the room sold out in less than 14 days when it was opened up to the waiting list on July 4th...

That's why I've decided to bring back my Shadowing Program...
...Now Significantly Upgraded to a 3-Day 'NBR Fast Track' Experience Where You Will Get to Work Side-by-Side WITH ME for 3 Full Days Inside My DKW Styling Salon!
 Here's Everything You'll Get From the NBR Fast Track Shadowing Experience...
To help you maximize your time with me at the DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach, you will get 2 weeks of pre-training.

This includes ONE-ON-ONE coaching calls with me personally, access to the NEW NBR™ Online Course, and a little bit of homework so that when you show up in my salon to work side-by-side with me... are PREPARED, ON-POINT and READY to EXPAND your knowledge and the RESULTS you create for yourself in 2019 and beyond.
 We dive into the Art & Science of NBR™, as well as color, cutting and blending. 

We work side-by-side with one model, start to finish. 

I’m not looking to cram six models in a day. I’m looking for QUALITY work, not quantity. 
This is where you get to see me work with all of my clients start to finish, and how I train and interact with my assistants making sure they are on-point, that they constantly learn & evolve, and create incredible experiences for every client. 

You will also experience LIVE how we execute our consultations and sales processes, making sure that every client walking in is 100% on-point with what to expect, and 100% committed to the process.

Simply put, you will SEE and EXPERIENCE the energy and experience we offer to each individual client visiting the Salon, start to finish, and the overall FEEL of the DKW Styling Salon itselfThis is a crucial piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked by most salon owners, which makes a HUGE difference when you are looking to grow your business...
I believe that artists retain information faster by actually doing the art. 

Therefore, education should always be hands-on to get the best results possible. We will work on a model start to finish with Color, NBR Application, Cut, Style and Photos, as well as having room for unlimited Q&A throughout the day. 

I will guide you and course correct you thoughout the day so your model leaves with amazing NBR hair.

As a busy salon owner and Stylist myself, I understand the importance of mastering your craft. 

If you don’t leave a training feeling confident you will not offer or use it on your clients, and it will become another class or certification that you don’t use. I know this from experience. 

My goal is to make sure you feel confident when leaving your NBR Training with me, so you can take this tool home to massively impact your business, and your LIFE. 

NBR is a Game changer in our industry, and we have proven it with over hundreds of stylists who have Doubled, Tripled and even QUADRUPLED their income in less than 12 months.
Now, This Is Obviously NOT for Everyone, and Will Naturally Be Extremely Limited Being a ONE-ON-ONE Experience - Only 20 Hair Artists Will Be Accepted In 2019.
Plus, I want this experience to be very customized for YOU! This is why this will be by application only to make sure you are the right fit, and can benefit the most from this training. 
 Here Is What Hair Stylists Just Like You Are Saying About the IMPACT that NBR™ Have Had On Their Careers, and Lives...
"I have been waiting for a class like this for several years now! Danielle and her NBR method was designed for both the client and stylist. 

She has re-inspired me to take my career to the next level, her style and energy was so refreshing and her way of teaching was universal to all stylists, but more than anything she has really encouraged and motivated me to pursue my passion wholeheartedly and make a name for myself in Dallas.

I’ve been doing hair for 13 years now and I’m so ready and more excited than ever to have NBR clients with gorgeous hair all over Dallas."
-Eva Saucedo
"I spent the day working with Danielle and couldn’t believe the transformations that happened that day! 

When I first started seeing pictures of Natural Beaded Row extensions, I knew I wanted in on it.

After seeing it with my own eyes, I’m completely obsessed and cannot wait to transform my clients. From start to finish, with creative color, extension placement, cut, and blending, it is a complete makeover!

Huge thanks to DKW for letting me in on this secret and teaching me something revolutionary."
-Mckenzie Sellers
"I took the NBR hands on course with Danielle and I can recommend it highly. Not only was the education and hands-on experience exceptional, but it was great to be surrounded by like-minded and mutually supportive stylists! I’m so excited to add NBR to my menu of services."
-Natalie Palomino
"Training with Danielle on NBR was an amazing experience. I feel that I can achieve my clients and my desired results having directly trained with her.

The hands-on training along with Danielle’s personal tips and tricks made me more confident with Natural Beaded Rows as well as an all around stylist.

Ps. Thank you Danielle for being such an amazing teacher! I came home feeling such confidence and motivation. You are truly an inspiration!"
-Melissa Green
"I have been doing Natural beaded Rows since February this year, and Since working with Danielle and investing in her class it has really been an all around game changer in my career.

Not only has it inspired me to build my business, but it has reminded me why I became a hairstylist 10 years ago. It has given me an entirely new love for doing hair again!

NBR really is a life changer for both stylist and client. Danielle sincerely seems to care about the girls she educates and wants them to succeed. I love it more and more with every client I do."
-Krystal Payne
"I took the NBR Group Training with Danielle in Laguna Beach! What a GREAT learning experience it was. Danielle is very knowledgeable, relatable and willing to share her techniques!

I highly recommend taking the trip if you live out of the area; you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Danielle!"
-Cyndee Collins Bauch
"Natural beaded rows has made an incredible impact on my career as a hair stylist. I first became interested in extensions and started to try all different types of methods. Being unsatisfied with the end results and how it left the integrity of the hair, I almost gave up. Then I came across Danielle White on youtube and I completely fell in love.

She was so informative and her hair looked incredible, so of course I needed to know what her secret was. I started following her on facebook, youtube, instagram, and her blog. (Literally everything I could possibly get my hands on to try and figure out how her hair looks so amazing). 

I eventually contacted her to see if there was any way of learning her technique of NBR.

Sadly at the time she only did an in person session and living in New York, I would have to travel to Arizona. I was already skeptical of hair extensions so I was unsure if the trip would be worth it or not. 

Maybe, a month or two later she came out with her online education! This was so exciting for me, I jumped right on the opportunity and became one of the first 10 stylists to sign up for the NBR training.

The online training was one of the best investments I have made. Not only do you learn how to do the NBR’s but you also learn how to color and cut them to make them look unbelievably seemless. 

I was sold. I HAD to do the in person training.

I scheduled a trip to fly out to Laguna Beach and decided to make a mini vacation out of it. 

I thought the online training was one of the best investments I made, but as soon as I set foot in Serandi salon and met Danielle for the first time, that moment soon took its place. 

Actually meeting and working with her for a full day you learn SO MUCH about the extensions. 

Color, placement, cutting, styling, communicating with the clients, and of course the ocean view through the window by her chair.

It is an experience I will never forget and she gave me the opportunity to bring this method over to the east coast and change my clients lives by giving them gorgeous hair extensions."
-Shaina Aronowitz
"I recently attended a Natural Beaded Row (NBR) class with Danielle White. And I honestly have not been able to stop talking about it since I got home.

I have been doing hair for 12 years and love it, but these past few years I have had a large amount of my clientel interested in extensions. I am definitely a stylist who likes to keep my clients hair as healthy as possible, and the idea of delving into just any kind of extension made me very nervous.

So when I came across NBR my curiosity and interest was peaked.

The more that I saw her work the more I new this was the next step I needed to take to really help my clients achieve the look they want.

The day I spent with Danielle at her salon in Laguna was more than amazing. She worked on three different clients that day showing us the entire process from removing the extensions, coloring the hair, and then placing and sewing the extensions back in. 

She shared with us her coloring techniques and formulas, and tips on how to sew the wefts in nice and tight. Her work is meticulous and clean, and it was amazing to see it done in person.

We also worked on our own mannequins. Danielle critiqued us and helped us see what we were doing right, and how we could improve. The entire day was an amazing experience. I have not been this inspired in years, and can not wait to share the NBR experience with my clients!"
-Lexie Roberts
"I had the amazing opportunity to go train under DKW with the NBR. I don’t even know where to even begin because I have so much good to say about this training! 

First of all I would defiantly do the training in person! She is so amazing at what she does and it is so much easier to be in person with her and soaking in every single thing she has to offer truly you guys the lady is pure talent!!!

Everything was so perfect her coloring the haircuts and of course the extensions!

The day went way to fast she makes the learning so fun and is so sweet and so patient knowing that we were just learning answering every single question without making you feel silly for asking!

The technique she has created is beyond fabulous!!! I had the opportunity to have a row put in my hair and oh my gosh….. In love! I mostly wanted to see for myself so I could tell my clients exactly what they are and what they do and they are amazing!

This is a class well worth your time money and your future clients will thank you forever!!!"
-Rachel Utah
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